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Google Maps 10.54.1 Update for Android Comes with User Security Improvements


Google Maps is one of the most useful apps that the Android parent has ever create and there is no doubt about that. The app makes it impossible to ever get lost again, no matter where you may be. To make things even better, Google Maps also provides users with the fastest navigation routes, access to POIs (points of interest), and many other cool features.

Google Maps 10.54.1 Update

The reason why Google Maps is making headlines on our website today is because the developers who are in charge of it have published a brand-new update. The update sports the 10.54.1 version number and it’s available to download directly via OTA (over the air) channels. Let’s go ahead and check out all there is to know about it.

What’s New?

Considering the fact that Google Maps is an essential all on whom millions of people rely to get safe and fast navigation routes, then it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Android parent is not taking the security of the app lightly. Therefore, the new 10.54.1 update for Google Maps introduces a slew of security improvements that are taking the user privacy to next level.

We also want to highlight that the update comes with a bundle of bug fixes that are tackling various issues. The Android version of the app is going to run smoother than ever and the start-up time will be faster.

How to Download the Update

What’s great about new updates from Google is that they are automatically rolled out via OTA channels. This means that all Android fans who have access to a stable Wi-Fi network are eligible to access the update and all the improvements that it brings. If this doesn’t happen right away, then Android fans can always manually trigger the update by heading over to Google Maps’ official Google Play Store and clicking on “Updates”.