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Google Maps Augmented Reality Mode is the Future


More and more people are relying on Google Maps to get to their destinations every day. However, Google Maps is going to become an even more important feature in the upcoming future of self-driving cars and delivery drones and the Android parent knows that too well. Therefore, Google announced during its latest I/O developer conference that it has started testing AR (augmented reality) technology with Google Maps and that a beta version of Google Maps with AR might arrive soon.

Google Maps with AR Technology

Introducing AR technology in Google Maps is the next step towards improving the app’s already premium features. Everyone who uses Google Maps knows that the app can sometimes show the location of the user to be a couple of meters away from their actual position. This issue can be quite annoying. Fortunately, this is not going to be an issue once Google implements AR technology.

How Does it Work?

The way the new version of Google Maps will work is quite simple. Google Maps will display a line that users need to follow in order to get to their destination. The tricky part here is that users will need to open the camera of their smartphones and then to scan the surrounding buildings and landmarks. This will help Google Maps pin down the location of the user and provide more accurate directions.

Not for Car Navigation

The AR mode for Google Maps is still far away from launching to the general public, but Google did want to make it clear that this mode is not going to be available for car navigation. The reason behind this is that the AR mode for Google Maps will require users to look at their smartphone’s screen and not at the road ahead which can prove to be quite dangerous.