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Google One Brings Pixel Features to Subscribers

Credit: Google

Google just announced that they will be offering some of the greatest software features from their most recent Pixel smartphones to Google One members. Some examples of these capabilities are the Magic Eraser, Camouflage, and the ability to apply HDR effects to video. The statement caught everyone off guard because it didn’t just affect Android smartphones, but iOS ones as well.

All Google One users may take advantage of the change immediately because it was implemented on the back end without the need for an app update. Now, subscribers don’t need to purchase a Pixel smartphone to take use of some of the finest software features introduced with the Pixel 6 and Pixel 7. In addition to the aforementioned tools, subscribers have access to the Collage Editor. Using this tool, they may make collages with a wide variety of preexisting designs and patterns.

Users of Google One will also receive free delivery on all picture prints they purchase through the service, in addition to these other perks. At $99 per year, Google One members may get 2 terabytes of cloud storage, Google Workspace Premium, VPN by Google, and more. For $249 per year, users can get 5 terabytes of cloud storage and the same features. Sharing the service with up to five people makes it a great choice for households and smaller businesses.

Google’s decision to make these extras available to Google One members is indicative of the company’s dedication to satisfying its clientele. For individuals who don’t have a Pixel smartphone but still desire Google One’s benefits, these updates should be quite enticing. With photo printing and delivery, Google One is now a one-stop shop for all your cloud storage and photo printing needs.
The inclusion of Pixel capabilities for Google One users is, in sum, a great improvement that adds considerable value to the service. When it comes to cloud storage and other services, it will be fascinating to see what other advantages and features Google adds to Google One in the future.