Home Technology Samsung Galaxy Fold 5: Durability of Upgraded Water Drop Hinge Being Tested

Samsung Galaxy Fold 5: Durability of Upgraded Water Drop Hinge Being Tested

Photo by BoliviaInteligente on Unsplash

According to a claim from a Korean news site called The Elec, Samsung is apparently in the final phases of testing the endurance of the innovative water drop hinge that will be included on the next Galaxy Fold 5. The capacity of the hinge to resist a 200,000-fold test is currently being investigated, and Samsung is anticipating that the hinge will still retain around 85% of its strength by the time the test is completed. It has been hypothesized that the redesigned hinge on the Fold 5 might have a maximum folding capacity of up to 300,000.

It is anticipated that the new water drop hinge design would increase both the longevity and overall quality of the Fold 5 device. When folded, the displays are able to rest softly on one another thanks to the design, which results in a fold that is similar to that of a book. This design may also be beneficial to the device’s thickness, as it may be able to reduce the thickness of the hinge from its present value of 15.8 mm to about 14 mm or less.

The Elec’s story also provides indications that the Galaxy Fold 5’s hinge might feature a fold that is 360 degrees, which is comparable to the “Flex In & Out” prototype that Samsung Display developed. On the other hand, Samsung has not verified this information.

Since the first release of the Galaxy Fold was marred by screen and hinge difficulties, Samsung has been working hard to enhance the longevity of its foldable phones. Since then, the business has introduced a number of foldable electronic products, such as the Galaxy Z Flip and the Galaxy Z Fold 3, both of which have garnered praise for their resilience among customers.

It is anticipated that the Galaxy Fold 5 will be introduced at the end of this year. Samsung’s focus on enhancing the durability of its foldable devices is set to be a priority for the firm.