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Google Pixel 7 Pro Concept Images Are Now Available

Credit: Google

Google Pixel 7 renderings initially surfaced online in March. These photographs may not have much of an impact on Google’s next Pixel phone. A comparable front display was displayed in these photographs with a few minor changes to the camera positioning on the horizontal visor. More photographs of the phone have been circulated on Twitter.

The newest Google Pixel 7 Pro renderings are courtesy of @Shadow Leak on Twitter. According to the leakster, these are concept pictures of the Pixel 7 Pro in blue. In the concept photos, the phone has a dual-tone gloss on the back, similar to previous Pixel models. The area of the back behind the horizontal camera visor is light blue, while the piece above it is dark blue.

Google Pixel 7 Pro renders have leaked online.

According to concept drawings, the Pixel 7 Pro’s camera visor is silver, which complements the blue color scheme on its rear. Earlier versions included a black camera visor that concealed the camera cutout. Two circular lenses are positioned on the left side of the face shield, with a third lens on the right side. A new color for the Google Pixel might also be in the pipeline.
Google Pixel 7 Pro specifications

In addition, @Shadow Leak has revealed the phone’s specifications. The Pixel 7 Pro may include a 120Hz AMOLED display, as well as a second-generation Tensor engine and a triple-camera setup on the back, as shown in the graphics that accompany this story. As a codename, the smartphone is also known as “Panther.”


The surface of the Google Pixel 7 Pro has been recreated online, exhibiting a similar appearance. The Google Pixel 7 Pro seems to feature a revamped rear camera system, which is the most noticeable change between the two variants. The periscope camera is unique from the primary camera and the ultrawide lens, according to the drawings. The Google Pixel 7 Pro is also likely to ship with Android 13 and a new Google Tensor processor. Please stay tuned for further information about Google’s next smartphone and other technological advances.