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Google Play Services 14.7.99 APK Update – Improved System Performances


Google did an amazing job of equipping the Android operating system with a plethora of features that provide people with a premium user experience. However, what many people don’t know about the Android operating system is that it’s not all about the Play Store and the UI (user interface). There are lots of other vital Android components that people don’t use on a regular basis and Play Services is the perfect example of that.

Play Services is one of the most important features in the Android operating system and the funny thing about it is that most Android fans have no idea what it does. Many Android fans delete Play Services in order to free up storage space and then they are shocked to see that most of their smartphone’s apps, services and features stop working.

Google Play Services 14.7.99 APK Update

Nonetheless, the reason why Play Services is making headlines today is that the app has just received a new update. The update has been released in the form of an APK, but this should come as no surprise since APK stands for “Android Package Kit”.

What’s New?

Since Play Services is an app that runs in the background and its main job is to make sure that all other apps work without any issues, Android fans are not going to receive any new features after they get the latest 14.7.99 APK update.

However, the update will enhance the performances of Play Services, thus improving the overall user experience and software stability of their Android powered smartphone.

Android Package Kit

The only downside about this latest update is the fact that Android fans are required to manually download and install it on their smartphones. APK updates are not rolled OTA (over the air) and they can be downloaded from here.