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Google Unveils Pixel Watch, Incorporates Fitbit Health Tracking Features

Credit: Google

The Pixel Watch was officially unveiled by Google on Wednesday, marking the company’s latest foray into the hardware market. At the Google I/O conference, the firm showed off a prototype of its first wristwatch, but it hopes to share additional specifics when the gadget nears its autumn release date.

A domed circular shape, Google’s Wear OS wearable software, and Fitbit’s health-tracking capabilities are included. This is a premium product, but Google hasn’t announced a price.

The Pixel Watch is Google’s first big entry into the rapidly growing smartwatch industry. Smartwatches have long been a part of the product offerings of companies like Apple and Samsung, which are industry leaders. To compete with the likes of Apple and Samsung, Google wants to expand its Pixel brand to include a range of goods ranging from smartphones to tablets to wireless earbuds and, eventually, smartwatches.

Fitbit and Google

Fitbit’s purchase by Google was completed in January 2021, more than a year ago. Despite the Fitbit team’s efforts to build the Pixel Watch, Google has no plans to integrate the two product lines.
James Park, Fitbit’s creator and now head of Google’s wearables group, believes the Pixel Watch and Fitbit’s device assortment would instead complement one another. The Pixel Watch is perfect for those who want more standard smartwatch capabilities like LTE connectivity in addition to health monitoring, while the Fitbit Charge is best for those who are more concerned with fitness and battery life.

Google’s new Pixel Watch will incorporate familiar Fitbit capabilities like Active Zone Minutes, which tracks the time spent in specific heart rate zones during activity. Google’s Pixel Watch will measure sleep and pulse rate like so many other smartwatches already on the market today.

Fitbit’s gadgets are compatible with iPhones, unlike the Pixel Watch, which is exclusively compatible with Android devices. Fitbit has no intentions to stop supporting iOS customers on its devices, according to Park.