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WhatsApp Chat Filters Feature Could Be Released Soon

Credit: Dima Solomin on Unsplash

For Business Accounts, WhatsApp is working on a new Chat Filters feature. Users of WhatsApp Business Accounts will be able to better organize their talks with separate chats thanks to this new functionality. Chat Filters, like previous new features, should be available across all WhatsApp platforms, including Android, iOS, and desktop.

What are Chat Filters?

Chat Filters, in a nutshell, will help users locate conversations more quickly. Data from a database may be narrowed down by using filters. WhatsApp’s Chat Filters let users organize their conversations so they can quickly discover the one they’re looking for. Groups, non-contacts, unread conversations, and other categories will be included in the Chat Filters.

On the desktop version of WhatsApp, Chat Filters were discovered. WhatsApp is presently working on making the functionality accessible to those with Business Accounts, but it will be made available to other users in the future as well. The functionality can be seen in action on WhatsApp Desktop in a screenshot provided by WABetaInfo. WhatsApp Desktop v2.2216.40 is the only platform on which the functionality is available right now. Companion Mode is also being developed by WhatsApp, according to the company’s blog.

Over the course of many months and years, WhatsApp has been developing the multi-device feature. It debuted a test function last year that allowed users to access WhatsApp on many devices without being tied to their main smartphone. Companion mode, a new feature connected to the use of the platform across various devices, is currently being developed by the platform’s developers.

To put it another way, WhatsApp Companion Mode lets you connect your main device with the account from a second device. On the main device, users will be locked out of their WhatsApp account when they are using the app on a second device. Using WhatsApp on a secondary smartphone erases all info on the first device, according to a screenshot.