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Grand Theft Auto 6 Rumours: Will The Game Involve Cryptocurrency?

Credit: Rockstar

Everyone, from Ubisoft to Square Enix, is taking aim at non-transparent tokens (NTTs) and other blockchain-based infractions of decency. As a result, a lot of conjecture has arisen regarding who the next crypto victim will be. A new rumor claims that Rockstar Games may incorporate cryptocurrencies into one of its most popular franchises. As a result of the reasons listed below, this is unlikely to occur.

This year’s much anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6 is said to include bitcoin. Some missions are said to provide gamers bitcoin instead of in-game cash, which they may then sell with other gamers. Tom Henderson, a well-known leaker, tweeted about it back in June 2021, and it’s been around ever since.

Unknown to Henderson, the source of the leak is believed to be Rockstar Games, although the company has not confirmed this. The bogus story has been making the rounds for the last year, and now various sites and leakers on Twitter have taken it up again. Some of these assertions come from persons with no track record of reliable leaks, and many don’t even attempt to mention that they have any sources at all. Rockstar Games hasn’t said anything regarding whether cryptocurrencies would be included in Grand Theft Auto 6. Even in the famously secretive video game business, Rockstar Games maintains tight control on leaks, so this comes as no surprise.

Furthermore, it doesn’t necessarily support either side’s case. Players have been rejected every attempt by a publisher to implement “pay-to-earn” elements into their game. When NFTs were first introduced for Ghost Recon Breakpoint by Ubisoft, the response was very negative. Within a few months, the price of Quartz, the company’s cryptocurrency, plummeted. Ubisoft has halted the sale of Breakpoint NFTs, although they still want to issue more for future titles, for reasons that are unclear.

Due to significant opposition, some publishers didn’t even stick around long enough to make a profit off their games. A case in point is Team17, an independent publisher that abruptly scrapped its plans to integrate cryptocurrency into its platform less than 24 hours after they were publicized. Even Team17 creators like Aggro Crab threatened to break away from the publisher over the strategy, which was not solely based on player input.