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GTA 6: Fan Pieces Together The New Map

Credit: Rockstar

Using the leaked coordinates, fans of Grand Theft Auto are speculating about how much the game’s area has expanded since the release of GTA 5.

One GTA 6 player managed to calculate how much larger the map has become and has shared their findings on the GTA 6 subreddit.  Having taken the position information of GTA 5’s Los Santos and aligning them with the leaked data points of Vice City discovered in the massive GTA 6 leak that occurred last month, fans realize that once the next GTA game is released, they will have a lot more space to run around in than they did in the previous game.

The Reddit thread that can be found below illustrates that Los Santos can be placed very nicely in the center of the layout that is currently being considered for Vice City. Even though the only things we can make out from the coordinates at the moment are places like Hank’s Waffle House, Rockridge, and Ocean Beach, as well as a few others, it is already clear that players will have to drive further than they did in Grand Theft Auto 5 in order to reach the main locations on the map in GTA 6.

I lined up the GTA V coordinates with the GTA VI coordinates found in the leak
byu/ChurchofGTA inGTA6

It is not the first time that gamers have themselves assembled Grand Theft Auto 6’s map using gameplay footage that was accidentally leaked. Shortly after the information was leaked, a number of players began piecing together GTA 6’s map using Google Earth and Paint.

It is quite likely that a significant portion of the aforementioned map will undergo significant revisions before the launch of Grand Theft Auto 6, given how far away the game’s release still is. Given that it was previously claimed that the GTA 6 engine is technologically ahead of the times, we find it hard to believe that it would get far smaller than anticipated.