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GTA Online: What Can We Expect From the December 2022 Update

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Although there has been a lot of fuss lately in the media regarding the long-debated GTA 6, the worldwide sensation GTA 5 and its online mode (GTA Online) are still the main stars of the show. Rockstar is preparing to bring a massive update for December in order to satisfy those who like to play GTA 5 online.

December 2022 is just around the corner, which means another occasion for GTA 5 to bring another massive update in the form of a DLC. Thanks to Sportskeeda, we have some precious details about what to expect from the upcoming update, as data miners and informants have done their work pretty well.

Making your own music in GTA Online?

GTA 5 already offers a lot of options for those who enjoy listening to music while they’re driving a fast car in the game, for instance. There are lots of radio stations to choose from, or the players can even add their own favorite music to the game by simply placing their tracks in the right folder. But the new update might bring the possibility for the players to become musicians, as they could have the chance to create their own music.

Twitter account ‘GTABase’ brings the new wild claim, along with the reveal of the title of the update: patch number 1.64.

Michael De Santa will also be in the front row again for the upcoming update, and what exactly he will do is anybody’s guess.

What’s for sure is that despite the popularity and the undeniable quality of a game like GTA 5, the developers still have a lot of ways they could improve the game. The fans always want something more: enterable buildings, more diversified clothing, more missions, more characters, and so on.

The move regarding the December 2022 update cannot possibly surprise anyone. The servers in GTA Online are almost always full, which means that it’s in the best interest of the developers to continue updating the game.