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Here’s the Big Galaxy S10 Problem that Samsung is Keeping Secret


Galaxy S10 is scheduled to launch next month and every smartphone fan is waiting for the flagship device to be released. Galaxy S10 is going to represent Samsung’s best smartphone in 2019 and previous leaks have shown that it will ship with lots of innovative features that will force Samsung’s competition to up their game and release similar features to their own flagship smartphones if they want to keep competing.

One of the coolest features that Samsung’s Galaxy S10 will offer is the in-display fingerprint scanner. This is a big upgrade in comparison with last year’s Galaxy S9 which still had a rear mounted fingerprint scanner. However, the in-display fingerprint is not necessarily a good thing for Samsung fans.

Glass Design

Even though Galaxy S10 has yet to be announced by Samsung, the smartphone’s design has already been leaked. Therefore, we know that Samsung wants to follow the trend started by Apple and equip Galaxy S10 with a glass back panel. While this might be a nice design touch, it does mean that most Galaxy S10 users will need to cover the smartphone with a rugged case and a touchscreen protector because otherwise, the smartphone will get scratches and the screen will crack at the first drop.

The Big Galaxy S10 Problem

The problem here is that Galaxy S10’s in-display fingerprint scanner is not going to work if users place a screen protector on it. “The in-display fingerprint does not support screen protector. So our vanguard will have no built-in screen protector,” said the smartphone accessory maker Armadillotek.

If what the smartphone accessory maker is saying turns out to be true, then Samsung fans are going to have a big problem. Galaxy S10 will no longer have its big touchscreen protected and this means that Galaxy S10 users will need to be extra careful whenever they use the device.