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Android Q Leak – Google’s Next-Gen OS will Feature a System-Wide “Dark Mode”


The great thing about Google’s Android operating system is that it doesn’t stay the same forever. Google is always working on a new operating system update that can offer a better user experience that the current one. Android Q which is going to be the successor of Android 8Oreo is the perfect example of that.

Talking about Android Q, Google has been doing its best to keep all information about the upcoming operating system a secret. However, we got lucky and the folks at XDA Forums have managed to find an early build of Android Q that gives promise of a system-wide dark mode.

System-Wide Dark Mode

The first thing that we need to mention is that all of the most popular apps have introduced dark modes, including YouTube. The dark mode is a great feature to have because it makes apps look better and also easier on the eyes of users. Therefore, no one should be shocked to find out that Google is interested in introducing a system-wide dark mode for Android Q.

As previously mentioned, the folks at XDA Forum have managed to get their hands on an early build of Android Q that reveals Google’s plans for the future. One of the plans is to install a system-wide dark mode that will be available for all high-end Android powered smartphones.

The Benefits of Dark Mode

There are lots of benefits that a system-wide dark mode will bring and the most important one is that it will help protect the eyes of Android users. Not just that, but the system-wide dark mode that Android Q is rumored to feature will also help Android users save up battery charge, especially on smartphones with OLED panels which are known to consume lots of battery power when the brightness level is high.