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Honor Magic 2 Leaked Press Render Unveils Spectacular Design and Unique Feature


Huawei is currently ranked as the world’s third biggest smartphone company. However, the Chinese based tech giant is doing everything it can in order to surpass the ranks and become number one. Huawei once said that its primary goal as a company is to be recognized as the best smartphone manufacturer in the world and truth be told, Huawei is really close to achieving its goal.

The way that Huawei is working towards its goal is by constantly launching high-end smartphones that are more than often accompanied by affordable price tags. Another great thing about Huawei is the fact that this company is always working on a new smartphone and customers have lots of options to choose from, something which both Samsung and Apple fail to offer. Nonetheless, the reason why Huawei is making headlines today is because the leaked presser render for Honor Magic 2 has leaked online.

Honor Magic 2 Leaked Press Render

The internet is buzzing with rumors about Honor Magic 2, but no one actually knew what it’s going to look like until now. Luckily, the smartphone’s official press render has been leaked and it shows Honor Magic 2 in its full glory.

The feature that stands out the most about Honor Magic 2 is its full bezel-less display and selfie camera that slides up. This is a rather innovative feature and it gives Honor Magic 2 more “real estate” space on the screen than other smartphones.

Selfie Slider

Even though the selfie camera that slides might look cool, we can’t stop from wondering if it’s really that practical. Just imagine if sand grains get in there, how will you get them out? This is something that Huawei needs to address when it decides to officially reveal the smartphone.