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How to Choose the Best Website Builder in 2020.


For the non-IT community, it often seems impossible to build a website from scratch. I mean, it requires the knowledge of complex code, the implementation of elaborate design and other magical tricks. Well, it depends on what outcome you want. You can create a website yourself, and, no, this won’t be magic outside of Hogwarts. Website Builders are pretty real, although, many Internet newbies don’t know about them.

Website builders are mostly suitable for launching a small business online. If you need simple outcomes, website builders are great for you. They can create simple advertisements, news channels, personal blogs, forums — everything that does not require maintenance and complex technologies. Even if you are a 16-year-old teen who wants to write a blog about Ariana Grande – you ll manage it. No technical skills required. With these builders, you can edit your website anytime from any computer (in case Ari writes a new song). It will be ready right away, and will not require a lot of money.

What are the options? 


  • Wix.com. This platform has over 110 million websites created. For now, Wix is the most popular amongst other builders. It has numerous templates, which will be most suitable if you need to promote your restaurant or display your artworks. You can add animations, and include other apps. Your website will look good on smartphones. Don’t be afraid to screw up. ADI assistant will give you tips. However, for such diversity, you will have to pay.
  • Weebly – easy to use, convenient to manage. This builder adapts templates to computers as well as smartphones and allows them to assign many editors. It also enables to change code. So. theoretically, you can code there. Maybe you’ll have to because Weebly does not give much flexibility in design.
  • GoDaddy – if you need a basic website, it`s one of the simplest tools. It does not have a variety of themes. They are hard to combine, so your design won’t be nuanced. However, it’s cheap, and if you want to launch beginner blog — welcome!
  • Squarespace has its first and foremost — prepackaged design. It enables you to edit the style of your page and the photos you include there with better quality than other builders.


It is important to know that websites created with builders do not load fast when comparing to those built by teams of developers. This leads us to the next question…

Do you need a website builder?

Imagine it as a house out of bricks, with zero design and commodities. It is just a basis. Well, website builders are this basis, and now you have to finish the house and make it convenient to live in. However, how much do you know about redecoration? Are you sure that this parquet will be durable? Can you combine the colors of the wall and the furniture so that it looked seamlessly? Same with website builders. You can pay and try, but the outcome may be unsatisfactory. 

Before choosing one, think carefully.

Do you want to develop your business more extensively in the future?

Do you need the outcome to be accurate?

Do you want the website maintenance along with its development?

Do you want something more in design and architecture?

Do you want your website to work fast?

If you answered all questions positively, hire a team of programmers. For example, Sapient Development Team can help to build a website with customized functions and impeccable design suitable for the characteristics of your product. We help to maintain it at high speeds.