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How to Install the New VidMate 3.6512 APK Update


One of the best things about being a fan of VidMate is the fact that the app is always improving. Even though VidMate already offers a slew of features and a premium user experience, the developers of the app are always looking for new ways to make the online video downloader run even smoother than it already does. With that in mind, no one should be shocked to find out that VidMate has recently received a new APK update.

VidMate Gets a New Update

The latest update for VidMate changes the app’s version number to 3.6512 and it’s available to download for free. However, there is a trick to installing the new VidMate update. All of VidMate’s updates are released in the form of APK and this means that everyone who wants to install the new update needs to do it manually. Well, here is where we come in because today we are going to show everyone how to install the latest VidMate update.

How to Install the New 3.6512 APK

The first thing that VidMate users need to do is to head over to their smartphone’s settings panel and then to enable the “Unknown Sources” option. APK updates are not released via the Google Play Store and therefore, VidMate users have to download them from an “unknown source”.

After enabling the option, VidMate users are required to download the latest version of VidMate which is 3.6512 in this case from the app’s official website. All that is left to do now is to simply tap on the APK file and wait for the installation process to be over.

What’s New?

This is a maintenance update for VidMate and it doesn’t introduce any new features. However, this is not a bad thing by any means since the update focuses on introducing bug fixes and software tweaks instead.