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How to recover lost photos, videos, documents and other files from Mac


We’ve probably all experience the nightmarish dread of accidentally deleting or losing one or more files which were not supposed to disappear. There’s also the horrifying scenario in which we realize that we trashed a file during the past week that we now need for a critical piece of work that should be submitted by tomorrow.

The bad news is that Mac doesn’t have an undelete feature. But the good news is that you can put the despair away because they are viable solutions for such issues. It can become relatively easy to recover your lost files on Mac even if it may seem a challenging task now.

The most frequent data loss scenarios

First of all, take a look at the most popular situations that can lead to data loss on Mac.

Accidental deletion of your files is the first scenario. This can happen when you press “Shift+Del” without backup, when you delete files by right-clicking menu, or simply press the Delete button and when you empty your Recycle Bin without backup.

You can also lose files while formatting or improper operating your Mac. This can happen when you go back to Factory Settings of your device without backing up data, pulling out the SD card while the camera is on, partition errors, improper partitions and more.

There are also the cases in which your Mac could get infected by a virus, it can have issues with the partition structure and more.

Complete file recovery with the best software

The very first step is to make sure that your file has indeed been deleted for good. For instance, if you dragged it to the Trash but have not emptied it recently, you may still find your file there. Yes, we know that this is the happiest possible scenario which almost never happens, but it’s important to mention. Anyway, even if it’s not the case, this will get indeed more complicated, but it’s not a reason for you to freak out because thankfully there are solutions to the problem. They’re called file recovery software and these days, you have a lot of options to choose from.

All you have to do is make sure that you’re picking the right tool. The main features you should be looking at when you’re choosing the best file recovery software for Mac are the following ones:

  • Support for as many file types as possible
  • Real-time previews of the recoverable files to make sure you’ll get an accurate data recovery
  • Advanced algorithm support for the fastest scanning speeds which lead to a higher recovery rate
  • No risks for overwriting or losing the original quality of the file

These are the main features that you should be looking for when searching for the best recovery tool.

UltData-Mac Data Recovery

UltData-Mac Data Recovery is such a software that we have recently tested, and the results were utterly satisfying. There are a few simple steps you have to follow with this tool in order to get things done.

First of all, you have to select a location on your Mac where you lost the data and then start the recovery process. The program will scan your computer and look for lost files. All the lost data will then be listed for preview, and all that’s left to do is select the files you need to recover.

UltData-Mac Data Recovery is developed by Tenorshare, and it’s a great viable solution that you can use these days to recover your lost Mac files. Apart from Mac data recovery, UltData also has Windows version, iPhone and Android phone version, you can check Tenorshare website for more details.