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Huawei AppGallery Danger: WiFi Management App Proves To Be Malicious

Credit: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The most recent version of the WiFi Master Key software, which is a WiFi management program for Huawei devices, can be found in AppGallery. Recently, Huawei added a series of warnings for the app, after it proved to be dangerous After installation, a warning appears on the screen informing the user that the WiFi master key app is malicious software that has the potential to damage their device. Because of this, AppGallery strongly suggests that the user delete the program as soon as possible.

Almost immediately as Huawei became aware of the problem, AppGallery modified it so the particular program could no longer be downloaded. Despite this, the app’s listing is still up in the app store.

The software distribution platform known as AppGallery will no longer accept submissions from developers for WiFi and system cleaning applications, according to a message that Huawei just sent out to developers informing them of this policy change.

In the release, Huawei also warned that these applications violate users’ data and information regulations, adding that they might cause damage to Huawei devices and allow unauthorized access to users’ private information.

Huawei will review and carry out an in-depth use case analysis for apps. This will guarantee that these apps will not damage the quality of the user experience. In the event that any of the already available applications are discovered to have problems or to be in violation of the updated policy, such applications will be withdrawn from the AppGallery store.

The app description reads the following:

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