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Huawei Social Media Handlers Made a BIG Mistake on Twitter!


Huawei has been having some trouble with its marketing campaign during this past year. It all started when Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) was hired as the face of Huawei and while this might not seem like a marketing fail, it all went downhill when the famous Hollywood actress started sending out Tweets via iPhone. The actress was quick to take down the Tweet, but it was too late. People all over the internet started taking screenshots of the Tweet made and the picture went viral.

Well, it looks Huawei’s marketing team has made another big mistake on Twitter and it happened on New Year’s Eve this time. Two Huawei employees decided to make a post on Huawei’s official Twitter account and wish everyone a happy New Year’s Eve. The problem here is that just like Gal Gadot, the Huawei employees did this from an iPhone.

Tweet Damages Huawei’s Brand

Even though the Tweet posted by Huawei’s employees only said “Happy #2019”, the fact that it was marked via iPhone damaged the Huawei brand. Reuters have stumbled upon a memo on January 3rd which showed that Chen Lifang who is Huawei’s corporate senior vice-president and director of the board said the following about the Tweet: “the incident caused damage to the Huawei brand”.

Huawei went on to say that the reason why the social media handler posted the Tweet from an iPhone is because his PC was having problems with VPN and he decided to use an iPhone that was equipped with a roaming SIM card.

Huawei Punishes Marketing Team

The previously mentioned memo also revealed that the two social media handlers who are responsible for the Tweet have had 5,000 yuan ($727.27) reduced from their monthly salaries. Not just that, but Huawei’s digital marketing director will have his monthly pay frozen for 12 months.