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Instagram Beta Update – Software Improvements, Bug Fixes and More


Instagram is no longer just a photo-sharing app and it has become the Facebook alternative. Millions of people ditched Facebook and the social media platform’s user privacy fiasco and all of them moved over to Instagram, especially teenagers who are only interested in showing off their lives through photos/videos and not in sharing their thoughts, ideas or political beliefs as it happens on Facebook.

One of the best things about Instagram is the fact that the developers who are in charge of it are constantly pushing out software updates that are introducing new features, improvements and bug fixes. In fact, a new update which is available to beta users has just started rolling out.

Instagram Beta Update

If you are a fan of Instagram, then we have some great news to share with you. The beta version of the photo-sharing app has received a new update which sports the beta version number.

The update is being released via Instagram’s official over the air channels and this means that all Instagram users who are enrolled in the beta program can download the new update right away just by keeping their smartphones connected to a stable internet network.

Bug Fixes

Even though most Instagram updates introduce new features or UI (user interface) changes, this is not the case for the latest beta release. The reason why we are saying this is because the beta is a maintenance release. This means that instead of introducing new features, the update comes with a handful of software improvements and bug fixes.


Our conclusion for the new Instagram beta update is that all users should make sure to download it as soon as possible. The update might not come with any exciting features or visual upgrades, but it makes up for that by improving the overall performances of the app.