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Instagram Is Shutting Down the Standalone Direct Messages App


Instagram is looking to make some big changes during the upcoming months. First off, Instagram is going to make the radical change of removing the like ratio on posts and while this might be a highly controversial change, the folks who are in charge of Instagram actually have a good reason to do this. Nonetheless, Instagram has now made it clear that it wants to kill off the standalone direct messages app.

Instagram is Killing the Standalone Direct Messages App

The standalone direct messages of Instagram is highly useful since it provides users with a safe and stable platform where they can communicate. Well, it looks like Instagram is now confident enough to include direct messages in the platform itself and get rid of the standalone app.

Multiple Instagram users and even Mat Navarra who is a social media consultant have received notification messages from Instagram letting them know that the Direct app is no longer going to be supported in the coming month. The interesting thing here is that Instagram didn’t actually say why it wants to remove the app.

The Message History is Not Being Deleted

On the bright side of things, Instagram did confirm that the entire message history of users will not be deleted and it will be moved to Instagram. According to multiple analysts, Instagram is looking to remove the standalone direct messages app because it didn’t become quite as popular as Facebook’s standalone Messenger app did.

Always Improving

What we can take from this is that Instagram’s developers are always looking for new ways to improve the app’s performances and user experience, even though they might have to make drastic decisions such as removing the like ratio on posts and the DM app. However, we can be sure that these changes are going to have a positive impact.