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Instagram Update Will Let You Delete Posts En Masse

Credit: Instagram

Updates to Instagram have made it simpler for people to erase posts and other actions from their accounts in recent months. A new option that allows users to mass delete or erase their social network posts, comments, and anything else associated with them has been released by the app. Continue reading to learn more about this new function and how it may be used by Instagram users to remove all of their posts and reels.

Users should expect an upgrade to Instagram’s Your Activity log in the coming days. User profiles and material on the site will be better protected thanks to this new feature. It’s Instagram’s objective to make it simpler for users to travel back in time and remove unpleasant interactions. To remove many posts, comments, or reels from the site at once, the only option was to do it one at a time. As a result, it would take a lot longer to do the operation manually than it does today.

The best way to remove all of your Instagram posts?

If you want to erase all of your Instagram posts, you’ll have to wait until the new ‘Your Activity’ area of your profile is up before you can do so. It will make it easier for Instagram users to keep track of their activities. Posts and associated interactions, such as comments and likes, as well as story sticker responses, will be available for mass deletion or archiving for users.

How can you get rid of every Instagram video?

‘Your Activity’ will be modified to let users erase or archive any Instagram reels in masse, as previously stated. It is also possible to remove all of the information from the reels, including likes and comments. Instagrammers who want to freshen up their accounts will appreciate the time savings provided by this function.