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iPhone 15 (Pro) Rumored To Have An Advanced Camera Sensor

Source: Apple

The year 2023 is not that far off, but there is a never-ending stream of speculation around the iPhone 15. The most recent information suggests that Apple will implement a new camera sensor in the iPhones that will be released in the following year. This change may result in a significant improvement in the devices’ existing photographic capabilities. According to reports, Sony will provide some assistance with this.

The most recent iPhone 14 Pro (Max) was released with important features such as a larger camera with 48 megapixels and the ability to record 4K video in cinematic quality. According to NikkeiAsia, Apple still intends to significantly improve the hardware of the iPhone 15 by introducing a new picture sensor manufactured by Sony. This information comes from Apple’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Due to the cutting-edge technology that is contained within the aforementioned sensor, it is able to absorb more light and has improved control over the dynamic range. Because of this enhancement, subjects may now be distinguished more easily even when photographed against bright backlights or in low-light settings. In a nutshell, Apple’s iPhone 15 has the potential to reduce the number of photos that are either too bright or too dark.

Sony was able to accomplish this by using an updated version of the CMOS design, which partitions the substrate levels of the photodiode and the transistor. The Japanese company also mentioned that they were able to install photodiodes on a new layer, which resulted in each pixel being able to capture more light when compared to the old sensors.

It is still unknown which sensor will be changed and whether or not other iPhone 15 models, including devices that are not part of the Pro line, will be able to take advantage of the novel technology. Apple introduced the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max this year, both of which have a larger primary sensor than the iPhone 14 (Plus), which has kept its dual camera arrangement from the previous year.