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Apple’s New iOS 16 1.2 Update Fixes the Crash Detection System

Source: Apple

When the new iPhone 14 came out back in September, everybody was excited about the new crash detection system it has to offer. But plenty of users have been complaining that the crash detection is sometimes malfunctioning, as the iPhone 14 falsely thinks that its owner has been through a car crash.

Apple’s new iOS 16 1.2 update that was recently released by the Cupertino-based giant aims to fix that issue, according to MacRumors. Apple itself also confirms the launch of the new iOS update, so there’s no room for doubts.

iOS 16 1.2 is available for iPhone 8 and later models

Another interesting aspect regarding the new iOS update is that it’s not available only for iPhone 14. Other iPhones will benefit as well – any iPhone 8 model and beyond. Apple released the iPhone 8 lineup five years ago, and it’s great to see that the tech giant hasn’t forgotten about those older models.


iPhone 14 users had been complaining that their smartphone is mistakingly calling the emergency services after they’ve been on a rollercoaster ride, for instance. The iPhone 14’s operating system perceives such an experience as a car accident, which is somewhat normal. A lot of work still needs to be done until smartphones are so evolved to understand everything that the user does or goes through. But hopefully, the problem has gone away due to the new iOS 16 1.2 update!

Since only iPhone 14 features the crash detection system, it’s clear that the new iOS 16 1.2 update comes with other improvements as well. Those owning iPhone 14 and older iPhones may expect lots of security fixes from the update. An improved always-on-display functionality, the Freeform app, as well as the revised Home app, should also be present among the benefits offered by iOS 16 1.2.

Apple’s new iPhone 14 lineup represents the best of what the tech behemoth has to offer when it comes to smartphones. The new iPhones stand out for better cameras, a brand new processor made by Apple (the A16 Bionic), a life-saving crash detection system, and more.