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iPhone SE Makes a Comeback in 2019


Apple tried to “step” inside the mid-range market last year by launching iPhone XR. This is a budget iPhone that ships with the same design as the premium iPhone XS flagship and similar hardware specs. On the downside of things, it looks like Apple fans are not willing to compromise on hardware power and camera specs in order to get an affordable price and iPhone XS didn’t sell that well.

Even though one might think that Apple would now be discouraged to try and release another budget iPhone, Apple sees iPhone XS’s lack of success as an opportunity to introduce an old friend of ours, the iPhone SE. Apple announced during the weekend that iPhone SE is going to make a comeback and that its price has been cut down.

iPhone SE Makes a Comeback

Apple decided over the weekend that it will start selling iPhone SE as a clearance item once again. The iPhone is available in the US right now and the starting price for the 32GB model is $249. This is a nice deal, especially when considering that the 32GB iPhone SE model was priced at $449 when it launched.

Is It Worth It?

For those who don’t remember iPhone SE, this is the smaller version of iPhone 6S which is powered by the same A9 processor. iPhone SE also ships with a 12MP rear mounted camera and it runs on the latest version of iOS. As previously mentioned, iPhone SE is a smaller version of iPhone 6S and its display that uses LED-backlit IPS LCD technology measures in at 4.0-inches.

iPhone SE is super cheap when compared to 2018’s iPhones, but is it really worth it? In our opinion, iPhone SE is not worth it’s price tag because its hardware specs and design just don’t match up with what the market is offering nowadays.