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iPhone XR 2019 Press Render Leak Shows Off Sleek Design


Even though Apple is doing its best to keep all iPhone 2019 details hidden away from the media’s eyes, we got lucky and the leakster known as “Onleaks” has managed to somehow get his hands on a press render of iPhone XR 2019. This is not just a simple press render that gives us an idea of what the device’s design is going to look like, it’s much more than that because it also reveals to us a couple of important key selling features that iPhone XR 2019 will be equipped with.

iPhone XR 2019 Leak

iPhone XR 2019 is expected to launch this September but, we don’t have to wait one more second in order to see how the smartphone is going to look. The leak that comes as a courtesy of Onleaks is revealing to us that iPhone XR 2019 will ship with the same full-screen and top-notch design as its predecessor. However, there will be a major difference, the 2019 model is going to feature a different set of rear-mounted cameras.

Glass-Integrated Cameras

As we can clearly in the picture featured above, iPhone XR 2019’s rear-mounted camera setup looks a bit different from what we are used to. First off, the two cameras are aligned vertically they feature a separate LED flash. The interesting thing about this setup is the fact that it is integrated into the back glass, inside a square bump.

Three Selfie Cameras

iPhones are renowned for being camera-centric and therefore, it should come as no surprise that iPhone XR 2019 is equipped with a triple camera setup on the front side. The cameras are also glass-integrated and they will feature Face ID support which enables facial recognition, just like with the current iPhone XR model.