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iPhone XR 2020 Model Will Feature OLED Technology Instead of LCD


One of the most interesting things that happened in 2018 when it comes to the smartphone industry is the fact that Apple tried to target the people who purchase mid-range smartphones. The device that Apple did this with is iPhone XR and to everyone’s surprise, the “affordable” iPhone failed. This is the first time that Apple launched an “affordable” device and everyone expected iPhone XR to be a success, but this isn’t exactly what happened.

Apple fans didn’t think that it was worth saving a couple hundred bucks in order to buy a downgraded version of iPhone XS and Apple was even forced to cut down on the device’s price in Japan because it was doing so bad.

Apple to Continue Offering Affordable iPhones in 2019

With that being said, it comes as a total surprise that Apple is not giving up on mid-range smartphones because the Wall Street Journal has reported that Apple is planning to launch a next-gen version of iPhone XR in 2020 that will also be equipped with an affordable price. On the other hand, the 2020 iPhone XR will drop the LCD display and it will go with an OLED one instead.

iPhone XR with OLED Technology

From the looks of it, Apple believes that the reason why iPhone XR didn’t do so well is because it shipped with an LCD display while iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max used OLED technology. Therefore, Apple is going to implement OLED technology on the 2020 iPhone XR as well.

Final Words

The last thing that we want to mention is the fact that the new iPhone XR is scheduled for release in 2020 and therefore, everything we know is subjectable to change. So, we advise all Apple fans to take the news of the OLED panel with a grain of salt.