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iPhone XS Max Forces Samsung to Upgrade Galaxy S10’s Screen


Apple and Samsung are in a never-ending competition and this is a great thing for consumers because the competition is pushing the two companies to the next level. The perfect example of this is how Apple decided out of nowhere to make iPhone XS Max bigger than Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9. The difference is not that significant since iPhone XS measures in at 6.46-inches and Galaxy Note 9 at 6.44-inches, but this is more than enough to get Samsung riled up.

Samsung vs Apple

Since Apple can say its flagship smartphone is bigger than the Galaxy Note 9, no one should be surprised to find out that Samsung is already making arrangements so that Galaxy S10 can top iPhone XS Max.

Reports are showing that Samsung placed orders to one of its subsidiary companies to start manufacturing 6.66-inches OLED displays so that Galaxy S10 will have the upper hand over iPhone XS Max.

Upgrading Galaxy S10’s Screen

Samsung loves to brag about the massive OLED displays that its flagship smartphones offer and it looks like Samsung will have lots to talk about next year when Galaxy S10 is scheduled to launch.

The fact that Samsung is willing to up the size off Galaxy S10’s screen just so that it can have bragging rights over iPhone XS Max shows us just how serious the competition between these companies really is.

Notch-Less Design

We should mention that unlike Apple, Samsung doesn’t use a display top-notch. This means that Galaxy S10 will offer a much bigger screen-to-body ratio than iPhone XS Max and this is surely going to give Galaxy S10 an edge.

Nonetheless, Galaxy S10 is scheduled to launch next year in February and that’s when we will see the smartphone in its full glory. Although, we will keep you updated if any leaks pop up in the meanwhile.