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KeepVid – Top 5 Five Features to Download Online Videos


There’s no better way to keep yourself entertained during boring times other than to watch online videos and the developers who are in charge of KeepVid know this too well. The reason why we are saying this is because KeepVid is an Android app that specializes in downloading online videos and free music.

Not just that, but KeepVid excels at downloading online content from a multitude of websites and today we are going to present what are the top features of KeepVid so that everyone can get a pretty good idea if KeepVid is worth their attention or not.

Top Five Features

As previously noted, today we are going to go over the best features that KeepVid has to offer. We have selected the top five features that make KeepVid a “must-have” app on all smartphones and without any further ado, let’s jump straight into it:

  1. Free Video Download

Obviously, the best feature that KeepVid offers is the ability to download online videos for free. The impressive thing about this feature is that it can download online videos from a multitude of video streaming websites, even the most famous ones.

  1. Fast Download

Since KeepVid is an app that excels at downloading online videos, no one should be surprised to find out that KeepVid is equipped with a special file downloading system that boosts the average video downloading speed. In addition, KeepVid can download multiple videos at the same time.

  1. Batch Download

As previously mentioned, KeepVid can download multiple videos at the same time. KeepVid is actually equipped with a special feature called “Batch Download” which supports multi-tasking.

  1. Built-in Web Browser

One of the features that make KeepVid stand from apps that offer similar features is the fact that KeepVid offers a built-in web browser.

  1. Simple UI Design

The last thing that we want to mention is that KeepVid is equipped with a simple UI (user interface) design that makes the app easy to use.


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