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League of Legends URF 2022: Everything You Should Know


With the release of Patch 12.19, Riot Games has confirmed that Pick URF will be the next randomized game mode in League of Legends.

League of Legends features a number of revolving game modes in addition to the two permanent ones (Summoner’s Rift and ARAM), including one called Ultra Rapid Fire (URF).

Riot claims that despite League’s popular game modes like Ascension and Odyssey, the game usually loses its player base within a few days. But URF consistently has more gamers and can even overtake ARAM in popularity.

Given that we’ve already had ARURF this year and that one of the main events, Spirit Blossom 2022, is right around the corner, many players have asked Riot to bring back Nexus Blitz like they did last time. The upcoming rotating gametype in League of Legends will be Pick URF, it has been confirmed by Riot Maxw3ll, Design Lead for the Modes Team.

URF 2022 is a major game mode in League of Legends, and is most well-known for its boundless mana and extremely short cooldowns on champion abilities. In URF, players get to choose their own champions, but in ARURF, champions are given out at random.

  • When will URF 2022 be available for download?

League of Legends’ Design Lead for the Modes Team, Riot Maxw3ll, has announced that Pick URF will be implemented in the Public Beta Environment (PBE) beginning on October 6, 2022, with the release of patch 12.19.

The new Worlds 2022 competition will feature URF. Additionally, it will conclude at the same moment as the event itself.

  • Modifications to the Gameplay for URF

All of your favorite champions are at your disposal in URF, which is played on the Summoner’s Rift. You begin the game at level 1, much like in pick URF, and some champions have a slight advantage in the early going. The greatest way to ensure victory and avoid tilt is to carefully select your champions.