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GTA 5 Update: The Anti-Cheat System in Has Been Significantly Updated.

Credit: Rockstar

As a result of player feedback, Grand Theft Auto 5’s anti-cheat system for PC has been revamped significantly.
When it comes to games like the GTA series, experience has shown us that not all changes are for the better. GTA Online users may experience some difficulty as a result of this modification.

Since Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the most popular games currently available, it is not uncommon for players to engage in dishonest behavior while playing it. In the past few years, this has been one of the game’s most pressing problems. PC players have had more problems than console players. For a long time now, hackers have been the source of many different issues.

Tez2, the leaker who revealed this information, claims that the most recent patch for GTA 5 completely disables the anti-cheat mechanism. In response to this revelation, several gamers joked that hackers of all types were already rampant in the game. There is a lot of uncertainty about Rockstar Games’ decision to do this.

There have been rumors that Rockstar Games is attempting to improve the game’s anti-cheat features. Multiple key parties feel this is a bad idea. Rockstar Games was recently the target of a large cyberattack that led to the disclosure of unreleased Grand Theft Auto 6 footage. It’s possible that GTA 5’s anti-cheat system will become more prone to exploits as a result of Rockstar’s implementation of this update.

A lot of noise was made about the hack in the gaming world. The hacker made a sensational claim about having access to the source code for Rockstar games. The hacker’s assertions may or may not be true, but regardless, Rockstar Games needs to take some serious steps to shore up its internal security. If a hack like this were to occur in the near future, the gaming publisher’s reputation would be severely damaged. Rockstar must be careful while adjusting or adjusting features of their games.