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Lesser Known Gmail Tips and Tricks


Even though Gmail still has a long way before it can be called the “perfect email service”, it’s still the most popular service to date. The reason why Gmail is so popular is because it offers a premium user experience that is packed with a plethora of cool features that make it easier for users to keep in touch with their friends and to do business. On the downside of things, Gmail offers so many features that even the most “skilled” users don’t know about them all.

With that being said, today we are going to present the top five Gmail tips and tricks that you probably don’t know about. Without any further ado, let’s jump straight into it.

Lesser Known Gmail Tips and Tricks

#1 Online Payments

We are going to kick things off with a Gmail trick that everyone needs to learn if they want to use the email service to its full potential. One of Gmail’s most useful features is the ability to send or receive money. The Android parent has recently updated Gmail to support Google Pay Send. This feature used to be a standalone app that was known as Google Wallet but now, it is built-in Gmail.

The only thing that users need to do in order to either send or receive payments via Gmail is to click on the dollar sign icon which can be found at the bottom side of a message. After clicking on the dollar sign icon, users can simply pick the option to send money to the recipient by selecting the “Send money using Gmail” or to receive money through the “Request Money” option.

#2 You Can Use Multiple Gmail Accounts

A fun tip for Gmail that most users don’t know about is that you can use multiple Gmail accounts. This feature is great for people who manage different accounts for multiple businesses because it makes them more productive and time efficient.

On the desktop version of Gmail, users can introduce a new account just by clicking on the account avatar located in the top-right side and then by selecting the “Add Account” option.

Now, simply type in the login credential and the new email will be available with a single click. In addition, the process of introducing multiple accounts to Gmail is the same on the iOS and Android versions of the email service.

#3 See Which Apps are Accessing Your Gmail Account

It has been revealed last year that multiple third-party app developers have received access to people’s Gmail accounts and looked through their messages in order to help them create new features. The way this works is that third-party app developers ask for access to the Gmail account while asking for different permissions and unaware users will give the developers access without even realizing it.

Fortunately, there is a way to see which apps can access your Gmail account so that you can remove their privileges. This can be done by heading over to “myaccounts.google.com” and then accessing the “Security” panel. After doing this, all that’s left to do is to select “Apps with account access” and then click on the “manage” option.

#4 How to Permanently Block Spammers

Everyone who uses Gmail on a daily basis knows just how annoying spammers can be. Gmail offers the option to label spammers which automatically sends them an email asking them to stop bugging the user with annoying emails.

Luckily, there is a simple way to permanently block spam accounts and this can be done by clicking on the ellipsis menu (three dots), clicking on the reply button and then selecting the Block [Username]. Doing this will now send any email from the spammer directly to the Gmail Spam Folder.