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LG V40 ThinQ – Is The World’s First Five-Camera Smartphone Worth $900?


Companies that plan to launch smartphones at the end of the year are taking a big risk. All other tech manufacturers have already launched new flagship smartphones and this means that getting customers to buy a new smartphone is even more difficult. Top it all off, Google and OnePlus are scheduled to reveal their new flagship smartphones this month and this makes it nearly impossible for other companies to step in and steal some of the spotlight for them.

On the other hand, LG believes that its next-generation flagship smartphone has all the features it needs to compete against everyone, including Google and OnePlus. The reason why LG is so confident is because it launched LG V40 ThinQ which is the world’s first smartphone to ship with a five-camera setup.

LG V40 ThinQ

LG is always looking to innovate the smartphone industry, but no one expected that 2018 would be the year when LG launches the world’s first smartphone that features a five-camera setup. The smartphone is called LG V40 ThinQ and its available for the price of $900, but is the camera setup worth it?

Innovative Technology

LG V40 ThinQ stands out from all points of view. The smartphone is equipped with a sleek design and powerful hardware specs that make the smartphone worth its $900 price tag. However, the cool thing about LG V40 ThinQ are the five cameras that it has to offer.

Many people wondered if “more is better” when it came to cameras and LG V40 ThinQ is proving to us that the answer to that question is yes. LG V40 ThinQ snaps some of the most incredible pictures that we ever have seen taken with a smartphone and this surely gives it the upper hand when compared to the current flagship smartphones available on the market right now.