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Twitter Update Introduces “Data Saving”


We have some amazing news for Twitter fans who hate using all their mobile data when they load their daily newsfeed, Twitter is getting a data saving feature. The developers who are in charge of Twitter have decided to roll out a new update which introduces a data saving feature that lowers the overall amount of mobile data the social media platform needs in order to load up the newsfeed.

Twitter Data Saving

The interesting thing about this feature is that it’s actually arriving late. The Lite version of Twitter already has this feature and it was just a matter of time until the original app received it.

Nonetheless, this feature is being called “Data Saver” and it can be enabled by accessing the “Data Usage” option from the “Settings” panel.

What Does The New Feature Do?

The new feature will stop videos from playing automatically and it will also load images in low resolution. This way, Twitter will not require large amounts of mobile data in order to work.

In addition, people who wish to view images in full resolution can always tap the drop-down menu of the specific Tweet and choose the “Load High Quality” option.

Twitter Lite

If mobile data is a big concern to you, then you might want to give Twitter Lite a try. This version is equipped with the same features as the original Twitter, but its software has been optimized to require less mobile data than usual. Not just that, but the app also weighs in a lot less and this means that it frees up some of that precious storage space.

Always Improving

What we can take from this latest Twitter update is the fact that the developers behind Twitter are always going to look for ways to improve the app. Let’s hope that new updates which contain useful features such as this one keep rolling out.