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LG’s ThinQ 2019 TVs are Receiving Alexa Support


LG has announced earlier today that its 2019 range of TVs in North America are scheduled to receive a major software update that is going to introduce a much-anticipated feature. The feature that we are talking about is none other than Amazon’s Alexa AI (artificial intelligence) assistant.

This is great news for North American LG TV users. On the downside of things, Europa and Asia will need to wait a couple more months until they receive access to Alexa and all the other features that the premium AI assistant has to offer.

LG TVs Will Receive Alexa Support

As everyone surely knows by now, Amazon’s Alexa is the most powerful and feature-packed AI assistant in the world, even surpassing the likes of Google Assistant, Bixby and Siri. Nonetheless, LG promised that its 2019 range of TVs is going to receive Alexa support since back in January and from the looks of it, LG is keeping true to its worth.

Alexa is going to provide all LG TV users with access to lots of highly useful voice-activated commands. Some of the most popular commands are to get Alexa to open the TV, search for a favorite show or navigate through different TV channels.

Innovative TVs

Before we sign off, we want to mention that this isn’t the first time that LG has meddled with Alexa. LG also introduced Alexa support to its 2018 range of TVs but there’s a catch. The older TVs need to use an external Alexa smart speaker in order to access voice activated commands.

Fortunately, this isn’t the case for the new TVs because the smart speaker is going to be built-in directly into the TV set. In addition, ThinQ AI TVs made by LG’s UDH, NanoCell and OLED ranges are all supported.