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LinkedIn Borrows One of Snapchat’s Most Famous Features


The one thing that all social media apps have in common is the Stories features. Well, it looks like this feature is going to extend its reach because LinkedIn has announced that it started testing a beta version of Stories for its own platform. This feature works similar to Snapchat’s famous Story-style video slideshow and it lets LinkedIn users share important moments from their lives. At the moment, LinkedIn has made this feature exclusive to students.

LinkedIn Receives Story Feature

The new feature can only be used by students and at the moment and they can add their video Stories to their own Campus Playlists. All videos will last for one week and they will be automatically deleted after that. In addition, LinkedIn is not allowing its users to post any photos, only videos.

LinkedIn Product Manager Speaks Out

“Campus playlists are a new video feature that we’re currently rolling out to college students in the US. As we know, students love to use video to capture moments so we’ve created this new product to help them connect with one another around shared experiences on campus to help create a sense of community” said Isha Patel who is the Product Manager for LinkedIn.

From the looks of it, LinkedIn wants to provide students with a way for them to share their academic achievements. The interesting thing about this feature is that we don’t know how it will help students get jobs instead of making their profile look more like their Instagram or Facebook page.

Nonetheless, Isha Patel also made the following statement in regards to the new Stories feature: “It’s a great way for students to build out their profile and have this authentic content that shows who they are and what their academic and professional experiences have been. Having these videos live on their profile can help students grow their network, prepare for life after graduation, and help potential employers learn more about them.