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Magicos 7.0, Honor’s Newest Android Interface, Was Just Unveiled


MagicOS 7.0, Honor’s most recent Android user interface, was released by the company just one day before the official launch of the foldable Magic Vs and the Honor 80 series. The new version replaces Magic UI 6.2 and will be included on all Honor phones that are released in the near future. The MagicOS interface has been completely redesigned, and it also includes several features of significance.

A more simplified design is featured in MagicOS 7.0, which includes flat icons, smooth animations, and the new Honor Sans font that is utilized across the user interface (UI). The home screen has been updated to include folders that are significantly larger and are simpler to navigate. The newly added widgets make it possible to have a more individualized experience. Additionally, Honor has developed a whole new video editor that is pre-installed on the device.

MagicRing is the new name that Honor has given to the feature that allows for streamlined management of files, a smart clipboard, incoming calls, and notifications across MagicOS devices and other Honor laptops and tablets. Foldables have additional features like as a split-screen keyboard, support for smart widgets, and task manager integration. Another cutting-edge innovation, Magic Text identifies text contained inside photographs and enables users to scan and store text in PDF format.

MagicGuard deals with the system, privacy protection, and financial security elements, and also protects devices against malware, whereas Honor OS TurboX promises faster app launches and enhanced system-level power consumption management. MagicGuard also protects devices against malicious software.

Additionally, Honor published an initial list of devices in China that will be eligible to receive the MagicOS 7.0 update. The device list is only applicable in China at this time; the rollout schedule and list for the rest of the world will be provided at a later date.