Home Technology Elon Musk Has Declared That All FSD Beta Restrictions Were Removed

Elon Musk Has Declared That All FSD Beta Restrictions Were Removed

Photo by Austin Ramsey on Unsplash

As anticipated, Elon Musk used Twitter to announce that Tesla’s FSD Beta autonomous driving service is now available in North America. Of course, the situation is more nuanced than that, with some older purchases still waiting for the software upgrade that will enable Full Self-driving Beta on their vehicles, but at least they will know they are qualified now.

Elon Musk claims that the Full Self-Driving Beta is now available to everyone in North America who wants it from the car screen, presuming you have purchased this option. However, users on the newest 2022.40 software branch will have to wait until the single-stack FSD Beta v11 is released there. Tesla has been slowly getting ready for the wider rollout, with the company pledging to provide a fully autonomous driving service by the end of the year and the Safety Score being reset.

Despite the superiority of Tesla’s autonomous driving software compared to the competition, it is still required to be a Level 2 solution that requires a driver’s attendance for the foreseeable future, suggesting that Level 3 is still far away.  While Tesla has logged millions of kilometers into the self-driving AI system in the United States, the company will not be granted full self-driving status by regulators there anytime soon.

Despite the difficulties in obtaining Level 3/4 regulatory certification, Tesla is planning to release the finalized single-stack automated driving system with the FSD Beta v11 in time for the Christmas shopping season.

According to the release notes, version 11.0.0 is set to be the most major revision to Tesla’s self-driving software to date, which is why it’s now being made available to a larger audience.

Moreover, The Occupancy Network’s recall for nearby objects and accuracy in extreme weather have been enhanced with a 4x improvement in transformer spatial resolution, a 20% improvement in image featurizer capacity, enhanced side camera calibration, and 260k additional video training clips.