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Meta Unveils Several VR Headset Prototypes

Credit: Muhammad Asyfaul on Unsplash

During his demonstration, Zuckerberg said Meta is working on next-generation virtual reality devices that can make users feel like they’re in the same room as other virtual people.

Displays currently on the market have low resolution, display distortion artifacts, and can’t be worn for long periods of time due to their size and weight.

It is unusual in the consumer electronics industry for Meta to show off prototypes that have not yet been completed.

Gadget companies prefer to have finished their products and worked out how they will be manufactured before releasing them to the public.

Here are some of the early versions he displayed:

• Butterscotch.

Higher resolution displays with pixels so small that the human eye cannot distinguish them are the focus of this test.
New lens Meta built for Butterscotch allows it to display fine text and a more realistic look.
This is despite Meta’s claims that the prototype was inoperable due to its size and weight, as well as its visible circuit boards.

• Half Dome 3

Using Half Dome headsets, Meta has been testing a display that can change how far away the focus point of the glasses’ optics is.
Half Dome’s tech could improve resolution as well as image quality to the point where people could use their headsets to create gigantic computer screens.

The liquid crystal lenses in version 3 substitute the mechanical components.

• Holocake No. 2.

When connected to a PC, Meta claims this is the slimmest and lightest VR headset they’ve ever made, and it can run any VR software.

Highly specialized lasers are required, which are prohibitively expensive for the average consumer and necessitate additional safeguards.

• Starburst

High-dynamic range displays, such as those in the Starburst prototype, can display a greater spectrum of colors and brightness. In Meta’s opinion, HDR is the one technology most closely associated with the adding of realism and depth to a scene.