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Microsoft Announces New Office Hub for Windows 10


Microsoft’s goal for 2018 has been to revamp Office 365 with a new look, UI (user interface) and features that improve people’s productivity. However, Microsoft is now ready to take things to the next level since it has announced a new app that is simply called Office. This app is going to be available to Windows 10 users and it will serve as a hub for all versions of Office, the free Office Online Suite and other offline tools such as Office 2016.

New Office App

Microsoft said that it wants for the new app to become people’s starting point when they get to work. The new office app is going to feature everything that people need in order to start their productivity for the day. The great thing about the new office app is the fact that it will also ship with its own search tool that can be used to find people, websites and even apps.

The App Is Free!

If the new office app didn’t sound amazing enough for you, then you should know that it’s free. Microsoft announced that the new app will replace “My Office” for Windows 10 users who are subscribed to Office 365. We have to give praise to Microsoft for creating such a valuable app and for not charging anything for it.

Windows Insiders Members

Even though the new Office app is going to arrive on all Windows 10 powered devices in the upcoming future, the app will be available only to Windows Insiders Members for a couple of months.

Microsoft wants to make sure that the app doesn’t have any flaws and Windows Insiders Members are going to test it out first. We should also mention that the new app is optional. Everyone who chooses not to use it will be able to change back to “My Office” without any problems.