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SnapTube: New APK Update Has Been Released


Staying up all night and watching shows on the TV is a thing of the past. Nowadays, everyone can find all their favorite shows and movies online and then watch them on their smartphones whenever they want. This is the “new-age” media and the great thing about it is that people are not required to sit through fifteen minutes ads every time they want to watch a show that they like.

On the downside of things, watching online videos on a smartphone does require a stable Wi-Fi connection or mobile data. Free Wi-Fi is difficult to find and, as we all know it, mobile data is really expensive and using it all up in order to stream some online videos is just not worth it. Fortunately, there is an alternative to watching online videos that doesn’t require an internet connection.

Introducing SnapTube

SnapTube is a powerful app that can download online videos from any website or app. This means that SnapTube can download videos from platforms such as YouTube and then users can watch them while offline. Therefore, SnapTube makes it possible for people to download their favorite online shows while they are at home, connected to a free and safe Wi-Fi network, and then to watch those shows while on the road.


Since we are talking about SnapTube, we should mention that the app has recently received a new update. The update is available in the form of APK which is an acronym for “Android Package Kit”.

Therefore, the new update can only be installed on Android smartphones and interested SnapTube fans are required to manually download and install the update on their smartphones because this is how APK updates work.

This is a maintenance update and it focuses on improving SnapTube’s overall performance by adding bug fixes and software tweaks. With that said, SnapTube fans who want their app to run better should make sure to get the new APK.