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Microsoft Announces Two Major Upgrades to Bing: AI-powered Bing Image Creator and Knowledge Cards 2.0

Credit: Microsoft

Bing, the search engine owned and operated by Microsoft, has recently received two significant updates that were recently announced. The Bing Image Creator, which is powered by artificial intelligence (AI), is now available in the Bing chat experience. This gives users the ability to generate images using their own words. The functionality is built right into the sidebar of Microsoft Edge, and all it takes to access it is a single click on the Bing Image Creator icon. Microsoft is ecstatic to share the news that its browser is the first and only one to offer this functionality. An updated version of the DALL’E model, which was developed by Microsoft in collaboration with OpenAI, provides the foundation for the artificial intelligence technology that powers the Bing Image Creator.

The second enhancement is a set of AI-powered visual stories and knowledge cards, which are also referred to as Knowledge Cards 2.0. These make using the search engine more interesting. Users who conduct searches for particular subjects, such as cities or animals, will be presented with a variety of visual results, including collections of images, short videos, graphs, charts, and timelines. The goal is to make the search process more interesting, useful, and fun for the user by providing them with quick access to relevant facts and information.

Concerns about users’ privacy have also been addressed, and additional protections have been added to the Bing Image Creator to make it impossible for the tool to be abused. The feature includes controls that limit the creation of images that are harmful or unsafe, and prompts for such creations will be blocked, with users receiving a clear warning from Bing chat. Additionally, a Bing icon will be placed in the upper left-hand corner of each image that is generated to denote that it was produced with the Bing Image Creator.

In a nutshell, the enhancements that Microsoft has made to Bing provide users with a search experience that is both more engaging and more immersive. Users will have access to more information and will have an easier time generating images with the help of the AI-powered Bing Image Creator and Knowledge Cards 2.0. The protections that are in place guarantee that the function is risk-free and that it cannot be exploited in any way.