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Microsoft Announces Xbox One Post-Black Friday Sale


Did you miss out on Black Friday and didn’t get the chance to buy a powerful gaming console for an affordable price? If your answer is yes, then you should be pleased to know that Microsoft doesn’t care that Black Friday is over and it announced that all Xbox One bundles are $50 off. Therefore, interested readers can purchase any Xbox One bundle with a discount of $50. Not just that, Microsoft is also taking $50 off the price tag of two Xbox One S and Xbox One X bundles.

Xbox One Post-Black Friday Sale

As previously mentioned, this is the perfect time to purchase an Xbox One bundle because it’s $50 off. Moreover, Microsoft also offers an Xbox One S with Battlefield V bundle for $250 and an Xbox One X with PUBG bundle for $450. While these deals might not be as amazing as the ones offered by the likes of Walmart and BestBuy during Black Friday, $50 off the initial price is still a nice discount.

Wireless Controllers Deal

Microsoft announced that Xbox fans can also purchase some of its wireless controllers for $10 off. To make things even better, Microsoft is offering $50 off an Xbox Game Pass and its giving $10 credit to everyone who purchases three months of Xbox Live Gold after December 9th.

Microsoft is Struggling

In case you might be wondering why is Microsoft offering so many deals, the answer is that Microsoft is struggling to compete against Sony. The PlayStation consoles offer lots of amazing exclusive titles such as the new God of War 3 and this is getting Xbox fans to switch sides. Furthermore, Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro which competes against Xbox One X is priced at $400 and this gives Sony a big advantage.