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SHAREit – A New APK Update Has Arrived


There are lots of useful apps that you can get, but most of them pale in comparison with SHAREit. This is a great app that all Android fans should consider getting because it will make it so much easier for them to share files. To make things even better, SHAREit is constantly being improved via APK updates and, in fact, a brand new one has just arrived.


The latest APK for SHAREit sports the version number 4.5.98 and it’s available for download right now. The catch to this update is that SHAREit users are required to manually download and install it on their smartphones. Yes, having to manually install updates is annoying, but it’s worth it because the new 4.5.98 APK introduces a bunch of new features.

What’s New?

The reason why all SHAREit users should consider downloading and installing the new APK is that it optimizes SHAREit’s video playback feature. For those who are unfamiliar with SHAREit, this app does much more than simply sharing files between smartphones. SHAREit can also be used to watch cool videos such as YouTube documentaries or music videos and this is what puts SHAREit in the “must-have” category.

Nonetheless, the new APK makes sure that SHAREit’s video playback feature offers a premium user experience. Not just that, but the APK update also improves the transmission compatibility of the app. Even though improving the transmission compatibility of SHAREit might not be some kind of groundbreaking bug, it’s still nice to have.

Wrapping Things Up…

We think we made it clear that the new APK is a great addition to SHAREit’s plethora of features. In addition, the APK introduces a couple of minor bug fixes that make sure that the app doesn’t crash or cause any software issues.