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Microsoft Launcher Update – New Features and Performance Improvements


Microsoft Launcher is a super useful app that provides smartphones with a new home screen experience that makes it easy to transition between an Android powered smartphone and a PC. For example, Microsoft Launcher makes it possible to view photos or documents on the PC that are saved on the smartphone, thus helping users be more productive than usual.

One of the best things about Microsoft Launcher is the fact that the app is highly customizable. This means that you will be able to tailor the user experience that the app offers so that it can fit your needs better. Nonetheless, let’s go ahead and check out what is the latest update for Microsoft Launcher.

Microsoft Launcher Update

Microsoft Launcher users should be happy to find out that the app has just received a new update. The update is changing Microsoft Launcher’s version number to 5.11 and it introduces a handful of useful features. The update also comes with a bunch of bug fixes and performance improvements.

First off, the folder and app drawers are now more consistent with the Launcher theme. This might not be some groundbreaking feature, but it’s certainly a nice addition. Talking about the apps drawer, we want to mention that Microsoft Launcher’s latest update is enabling users to hide new apps.

Top Features

Personalize Your Feed
· Set Microsoft Launcher as your default home screen to enjoy a personalized feed and improved functionality with your other Microsoft apps.
· Customize your feed to see news, calendar events, docs, and contacts at a glance.
· View your calendar card to easily manage your schedule across devices.
· Use Family features to see how much time your kids spend on their phone, and to spot them on a map, at home or on the go.*

Give your phone a new look
· Choose from light, dark and transparent themes to suit your style.
· Enjoy Bing daily images as your wallpaper, or use your own photos.
· Personalize your apps with custom icon packs, and use adaptive icons to give your icons a consistent look and feel.

· Your digital assistant, Cortana, is available from your device.
· Cortana can complete tasks for you like reading your unread text messages, letting you know how your calendar looks, and more.

Continue on PC
· Photos on your phone are instantly available on your Windows PC.**
· Seamlessly transition between editing docs on your phone and on your PC

Search the Web
· Using Microsoft Launcher’s universal search bar, you can search the web, your files, apps, docs, and messages all at once.

Gesture Customization
· Gesture customization lets you double tap to lock your phone, swipe up for app drawer and more.

Organize Contacts
· Keep your most important contacts at your fingertips – add them to folders, or pin them to your home screen or dock.