Home News Mobile World Congress 2020 is Officially Over (Reason: Coronavirus)

Mobile World Congress 2020 is Officially Over (Reason: Coronavirus)


The Mobile World Congress is one of the world’s biggest tech conferences and the 2020 edition has been officially canceled. Although, we do need to mention that the cancellation of the event doesn’t come as a surprise to us. After all, multiple tech giants such as LG, Sony, and ZTE have announced that they will are canceling their panels at MWC in fear of the infamous Coronavirus.

MWC 2020 is Over

“With due regard to the safe and healthy environment in Barcelona and the host country today, the GSMA has canceled MWC Barcelona 2020 because the global concern regarding the coronavirus outbreak, travel concern and other circumstances, make it impossible for the GSMA to hold the event. The Host City Parties respect and understand this decision. The GSMA and the Host City Parties will continue to be working in unison and supporting each other for MWC Barcelona 2021 and future editions. Our sympathies at this time are with those affected in China, and all around the world,” said GSMA CEO John Hoffman in a recent statement.

The Aftermath of Coronavirus

According to multiple media outlets, Coronavirus has already exceeded 42,000 infections. To make things even worse, reports are showing that Coronavirus has claimed more than 1,000 lives. The majority of the infections are in Wuhan, which is the place where the virus originates from. Even though China is the country where most people are affected by Coronavirus, China is not the only one. At least 25 countries have reported cases of the infection.

We also want to highlight that the tourism industry is going to receive a big hit this year. Considering how major conferences are being canceled all over the world, tens of thousands of people will no longer purchase plan tickets to attend them.