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Mozilla Firefox 66 Stops Auto-Playing Videos and Audio



Mozilla has released the 66 version of Firefox today and it comes with a really useful feature. The Firefox browser will now automatically block all auto-playing audio and videos. We think that everyone agrees that auto-playing audio and videos are some of the most annoying things on the internet and now, we can say goodbye to them thanks to Mozilla Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox 66

  • Block Auto-playing Video and Audio

The new update for the Firefox browser doesn’t just stop auto-playing audio and videos because it also introduces a wide variety of bugs and software tweaks that improves its overall performances. The way that the new feature for Firefox works is that the browser will be able to recognize when a video is being played automatically even though the audio is muted and Firefox will block it.

We should mention that in case you might want to actually watch the auto-playing video, then you can do it just by clicking on the “Play” button.

  • Introducing Scroll Anchoring

Another important feature that Firefox 66 introduces is called scroll anchoring. This is designed to stop websites where the ads are made visible after the content loads up. The new scroll anchoring feature will basically make it impossible for ads to bounce all over the website’s content.

  • Added Basic Support for macOS Touch Bar

Apple fans who enjoy using the macOS operating system should be happy to know that Firefox now comes with basic support for the innovative Touch Bar. While the added basic support for the Touch Bar might not affect too many users, it’s still nice to have around.

  • Easier Security

The last thing that we want to note is that Firefox 66 adds support for Windows Hello on Windows 10. Therefore, Windows Hello users can sign into their accounts via facial recognition, finger scanning or any other types of external security keys.