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New Dating App Will Make You Match With Those Having Similar Date Destinations With You

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Those looking for love or a sex partner online are mostly used to doing it based on tastes regarding music, movies, religion, political parties, and so on. You wouldn’t want your life partner to pray to a different god than you do, correct?

But there’s a new dating app out there that will skip users of those annoying discussions regarding the meeting place between them and their matches. In other words, this specific app will make you match with those people who are interested in the same dating destinations as you are. If, for instance, you like your first date to be at the cemetery, it surely becomes harder to find a potential life partner with a similar taste. But not anymore!

Meet Desti, the new dating app

Desti is the dating app in question, and it was just launched a few days ago, according to TechCrunch.

The app’s founders are AJ Qutub, John Taylor, and Nick Dominguez. The development team knew that nobody likes small talk, so they tried to spice things up a bit. Here’s an official statement, as the publication mentioned above quotes:

“Dating online and attempting to initiate conversations with people you don’t know is inherently awkward. Being able to see that someone also likes one of your favorite coffee shops or frequents one of you and your friend’s favorite patio bars helps make them feel like less of a stranger. It helps make the interaction feel more natural like it may be someone you would naturally run into. Every dating app’s goal is for people to eventually meet somewhere. It’s our thesis that introducing that into the swiping experience will lead to a higher conversion of that end goal.”

If you even need another argument to give Desti a try, you should know that the app is free of charge! You can find it in Apple’s App Store.