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New Harry Potter RPG Game Leaked On Reddit (Video)


Do you miss the old days when you used to play Harry Potter games and lose yourself in the fantasy world created by J.K. Rowling? Well, it looks like you might get the chance to do that once again but this time it will be in an RPG-environment and with HD graphics!

A Reddit user posted a leaked video of an unreleased RPG game that is set in the world of Harry Potter and we linked the video down below for anyone who wants to watch it.

New Harry Potter Game

The Reddit user said that he was walking through a mall in the US when he was approached by a game studio named Avalanche Software that was testing a new game and offered him $8 to play the game for a bit.

The Redditor obviously accepted this offer and decided to film a couple of scenes from the game so that he can show the entire world that a new Harry Potter game is coming.

Character Creation System

The first thing that is shown in the footage filmed by the Redditor is that the new Harry Potter game will feature a detailed character creation system, similar to other RPG games such as Fallout 3. The cool thing about the character creation system in this not yet announced game is that according to the Redditor, there will be eight different classes of wizards that players will get to choose from.

Different Classes

The fact that Avalanche Software’s new Harry Potter game will feature eight wizard classes leads us to believe that it will be a true RPG game that will be focused on storytelling. Not just that, but the game might also feature an online mode where players of different classes can duel in magic.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-HER1xKQl4]