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Nokia 7 Plus is First in Line to Receive Android 9.0 Pie (Confirmed)


Ever since HMD Global acquired Nokia, the Finnish tech giant has kept on launching high-end smartphones that more than often end up selling better than the devices that Samsung and Apple offer. This is an impressive feat and the reason why Nokia is so successful is that its brand is recognized worldwide and also because its smartphones are bundled with affordable prices.

The First Nokia Smartphone to Receive Android 9.0 Pie

Nokia 7 Plus is the smartphone that holds the title of being the company’s flagship and therefore, it represents the smartphone that Nokia has to offer. This smartphone is equipped with cutting-edge hardware parts that offer impressive performances and it’s going to get even better because Nokia has announced that it will be the first Nokia-made smartphone to receive Android 9.0 Pie.

Nokia 7 Plus

The reason why Nokia 7 Plus has been chosen to be the first smartphone from Nokia’s lineup to receive the latest Android operating system is simple, this smartphone is a flagship device and it needs to offer stellar performances and a wide range of features, something which Android 9.0 Pie brings to the table.

Software Optimization

Even though Android 9.0 Pie ships with a plethora of features, this is not the best thing about the new operating system. What makes Android 9.0 Pie special is the fact that it will also optimize Nokia 7 Plus’s software to make it run smoother than ever.

Specs Overview

Let’s take a look at some of Nokia 7 Plus’s specs in order to refresh our memories of what type of performances this smartphone has to offer. Nokia 7 Plus is powered by an octa-core Snapdragon 660 CPU that clocks at 2.2GHz Kyro 260. To make things even better the CPU is paired with an Adreno 510 GPU and 4GB of RAM.